Essie Gel Couture Polish Review

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This virus has us doing some crazy things! Including taking off our gel polish and yes…dare I say it, painting our nails! Luckily for me I have regular polish that I use to paint my toes so I was ready! I quickly learned/was reminded of how it doesn’t last! I would find chips on day two! Frustrated I began to do a little research into at-home gel kits, the options were overwhelming! but then I came across Essie Gel Couture Polish. The reviews were saying that it held up for 1-2 weeks! I had to give it a try and this is what I found.

First, I want to start with the brush, it’s AMAZING! It’s flat and glides the polish onto the nail so smoothly, hitting every angle. The polish itself is also really nice, initially I was worried because I saw brush strokes however, the polish settles nicely on the nail, no brush strokes in site!


  • You really only need one good coat
  • Coat the ends of your nails with the top coat well to prevent chipping.
  • Let the polish dry completely, like REALLY dry. I learned quickly that the top coat will lift the polish if you paint it on too quickly.


  • Definitely lasts longer than normal polish, I went from painting my nails a few times a week to only once a week!
  • The brush is amazing.
  • The product itself is also really nice. It’s thick and doesn’t leave brush strokes.


  • If you put it on too thick it will chip quicker, that’s why I recommend only doing one coat. (I did some experimenting)
  • I haven’t found any glitter options yet, but they do offer really pretty metallic options.

I am super impressed with this polish and am so happy that I only have to tend to my nails once a week now. I have had friends messaging me about how much they love this polish as well! So if you try it let me know how you like it and if you find a glitter option!

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