How to Establish a New Normal

Let’s face it, life is anything but normal right now. I’m not working, I can’t workout where I want to and I can’t see my friends or family in person. Somedays it feels like I’m living someone else’s life. So in order to maintain my sanity I have tried to create a new normal in my life and this is how I’ve done it!

#1 – Create a daily schedule

This is a super simple way to keep yourself on track. I get up at the same time everyday and stick to a semi-structured schedule, this holds me accountable and boosts my productivity. Some things you will find on my schedule, 7-8:00, wake up, make the bed, do morning yoga. 12-1:00, lunch and a walk with hubby and 3-5:00, workout and prep dinner.

You can also create yourself a work from home schedule that will help bring structure to this big change. For example, set aside time for a lunch or time with your family and set an ending time so you can establish a healthy work and self -care balance, no over working! If you’re working from home, I encourage you to keep your work in one place. That way at the end of your day you can walk away and feel that separation of home and work life.

#2 – Make a to-do list

If you’re anything like me, then you have a ton of things to be done around your home. I tend to put them off until the weekends, but when the weekends role around I just want to relax. Now is the perfect time to tackle any to-do’s that need to get done.

#3 – Move your body!

Almost all workouts have moved to online, so explore your options! You’ll find everything from barre, to cycling, to yoga. There are also a lot of free options like Facebook or Instagram live classes.

I also encourage you to get out and take a walk everyday. Do a quick loop around your neighborhood, the fresh air will do you good.

Stay tuned for an at home workout post!

#4 – Check in with your tribe!

Stay connected with friends and loved ones through technology or a nice card! Check in on your tribe and make sure they’re doing okay! These difficult times look different for everyone.

#5 – Stay busy with a hobby

Whether you’ve been laid off or you’re now working from home, chances are you’re spending way more time at home than you used to. Keep yourself busy during downtimes with a hobby. When I’m not working on my to-do list I’m listening to a lecture from Yale’s free class collection or reading a book. I don’t know about you but I love to stay busy so enjoy something you love or pick something new up! Not into lectures? Download the Food Network app and try a new recipe.

Take a deep breath, all of this is temporary so do what feels good for you to be well during these crazy times!