You've Been Laid Off…Now What?

Take a deep breath. If you’re like me you haven’t been without a job since you started working. When I found out that I was being laid off my initial reactions were disbelieve, heart break and worry. The job that I was laid off from was a job that I loved, and a job that I worked tirelessly to make perfect. When I came into that role it was a mess so I took pride everyday knowing that I improved the position and the processes that went into making it a successful role in the company.

For the first two days I cried a lot, it seemed like the disbelieve was only getting worse and when I woke up on Saturday I was saddened to find out that it wasn’t a bad dream, that this was my life now. As I willed my body to come out this funk I eventually did. I’m sharing this with you because I know that a lot of us are in this current situation. I don’t typically share personal shit about my life but I’m hoping these words from the heart help someone else going through this.

Here’s how to reason with yourself and remain positive.

#1 – Give yourself a little grace

You know I say this all of the time but I feel like it is even more important during these times. Remember, it’s not your fault and your job does not define you as a person. Allow yourself time to grieve and work through any feelings/emotions that you may be experiencing. If you need to lay in bed for a day DO IT! That may be what you need but don’t remain in this space.

#2 – Perspective is everything

I pulled myself out of my funk and changed my thinking by writing down and practicing a perspective check. “I am healthy, my husband is healthy, my girls (my cats) are healthy. We will be okay, all of this is temporary.” It is so easy to feel like you’re living someone else’s life when everything is being taken from you. Your workouts, your social gatherings and your job; I am here to remind you to look at what you do still have and send some gratitude out into the world for it.

#3 – File for unemployment if you haven’t already done so

I felt so good when this was behind me. I felt like I was doing what I could to still contribute to my family financially. So get on the website and get crackin! You’ll need pay history for the last two year, along with addresses and phone numbers of previous jobs so come prepared. It takes about 30 minutes, once you’re done reward yourself with a cocktail!

A little side note because my mind almost went here but thankfully my dad sensed I needed a pep talk.

You’ve been paying into unemployment you’re entire working life, do not and I repeat DO NOT feel ashamed about seeking this type of aid. Now is the time! I know that there can be a stigma around seeking government aid but don’t feed into it.

#4 – Relax

Hopefully now is the only time that you will be forced to be without a job so take a moment to enjoy some R&R. This is extremely challenging for me because I like to feel productive but set aside some time in your day to do something you love or complete a task that has been on your to-do list for a while. For 1 hour a day, I read or work on a puzzle; something small that allows me to stop for a moment and be thankful for some quiet time in your life.

I hope my experience and tips help guide you through this insane chapter in our lives.