True Crime Obsessed

I absolutely LOVE true crime podcasts, I listen to them everyday at work. So I figured for my last Halloween themed blog post I would share with you my all time favorites!

Sword and Scale

I have listened to this podcast for years and I love it because it leaves nothing to the imagination. Each episode is another example of how monsters are real.

Crime Junkies

Crime Junkies is very well put together, I love the hosts who do an exceptional job of walking their audience through each true crime case they cover. One hosts tells the story while the other asks questions which is helpful because I feel like she always asks what I’m thinking!

Killer Queens

I’m really not into true crime podcasts that are humorous, I like the uncomfortable feeling of true crime and I have no need to cover that up with jokes about death. I bring this up because Killer Queens does an amazing job of having hilarious commentary without making their show about being funny. This podcast is more conversational which I love because you feel like you’re having a chat with your gal pals! They add hilarious (real AF) comments to their stories and it makes the listening very enjoyable.

Up & Vanished

This was the first true crime podcast I ever listened to. Unlike the two I listed above this is a serial podcast, meaning it’s a story so each episode is not a new case, rather the whole season is about one case. The host covers the disappearance and murder of Tara Grinstead, a young woman who literally up and vanished. Throughout this serious he uncovers everything from cover ups, bad police work and literally the truth about what happens to Tara. I highly recommend this podcast!

Dirty John

This podcast covers an insane story about how a women becomes falls in love with an anesthesiologist, it seems like a typical love story until her daughters begin to uncover the dark truth about their mothers new suitor. Someone does end up being murdered but the story is told in such a way that you don’t know who it is until the end.

This podcast was also made into a series that is going to be on Netflix in November.

Small Town Dicks

I stumbled upon this podcast while I was digging deep into Spotify trying to find another podcast and boy am I happy I did! This podcast is hosted by the voice of Lisa Simpson, yes you read that correctly. She interviews two detectives (dicks) who are from “small town USA”. The identity of the town and the victims are changed/left out for privacy reasons so we are left just wondering where these crazy stories come from. It’s a really good perspective because unlike most podcasts, this one is being told by the detectives who investigate the crimes.

Cold Case Files

This podcast is based off the A&E show, it revisits cases that have gone cold and tells the story of how they’ve been solved. This is a good podcast if you’re not looking for all of the details of a murder.


Although this is a sad story I really loved this podcast. Just like Up and Vanished its a serial podcast about a women who goes missing and to this day no one has been able to find out what happened. Family secrets are uncovered and a lot of red herrings are chased but unfortunately Susan Powell’s body has never been found.

Happy Face

You probably guessed it, this podcast is about the Happy Face Killer who was a truck driver and who famously signed his letters with a happy face. He killed in several states including Oregon and the podcast is told from his daughters point of view.

Man In The Window

I’ve listened to several podcasts about the Golden State Killer but this one is by far my favorite. It’s said that he raped over 50 women and murder 13 people. He was recently caught thanks to one of those handy DNA kits!

I’m sure after reading this post and listening to my recommendations you’re viewing me in a different light LOL but now you know, I am true crime OBSESSED and I hope these podcasts give you the itch as well!