A No Sweat Guide To Work Out Classes

There are so many options for a work out that it can be overwhelming and intimidating to take the plunge. So I thought that I would do a blog post about the classes I’ve tried, their prices and what I love about them!


If you follow me on Instagram you know that Cylcebar is my one true love. This high energy work out is seriously like therapy for me, you clip in and for 45 minutes ride your heart out to the best playlist. Now I know that spin classes can be intimidating, when I first started I would book a bike on the very outside by the wall in case I need to make a quick escape if I needed to vomit. Well that never happened, nor have I ever gotten sick. A common misconception is that it’s this insanely intense work out and if you aren’t good at cardio then you can’t do it. Wellllll that’s wrong! The best part about Cyclebar is that you are in control of your work out. The instructor will tell you what your gears (resistence) and RPM (speed) should be at but that is just a recommendation. You can add on or take off what you need for your body. Another common misconception is that it is only cardio; during your 45 minutes on the bike you will do pulses which work your arms, tap backs which work your booty and figure 8’s which work your obliques. There is also an entire song dedicated to arms, during which you use a weighted bar. Is it challenging hell yeah it is! Do you feel incredible after? Every time!

This studio is clean and welcoming, on Wednesdays they feature a Wine Down Wednesday ride. You ride your heart out for 45 minutes then enjoy a glass of rose on their back porch by the river. They also offer snacks and ice cold towels after each ride. So if you’ve been thinking about giving Cyclebar a try I encourage you to DO IT! Don’t be intimidated! I guarantee that you’ll leave feeling amazing!



  • 4 Rides/Month = $59.00
  • 8 Rides/Month = $99.00
  • Unlimited/Month = $129


  • 10 Pack = $199.00
  • 20 Pack = $359.00
  • Drop In = $25.00

**CB always has seasonal deals so when you’re in the studio ask about those as well!**

Barre 3

If you’re looking for a work out that makes you sore every time then look no further then Barre 3! This workout focuses on small movements, sustained holds and cardio. I absolutely love doing Barre! Every time I leave my mind and body feels 10000% better than when I went it. A common misconception surrounding barre is that you have to be flexible, wellll that’s wrong! Each movement and pose has a modification so you are able to make each class work for your body. Barre is great for mama’s to be as well! Almost every time I take a class there is someone there rocking that belly! I love the fact that no matter what level of fitness you’re at or whatever stage in life you’re in, Barre 3 is a fit for everyone. The ladies that work here are incredibly nice and are so encouraging.


New Clients

  • 3 for $30 – 15 days to use
  • 2 weeks unlimited for $49 – 15 days to use
  • $99 unlimited month (one time only)


  • 10 pack = $140.00
  • 5 pack = $85.00
  • Drop In = $20.00

**Barre 3 also offers free community classes. Follow them on social media and Fit Girls Bend to learn more**

** For my friends who are mamas, they also have child care!!**

Club Pilates

Through my research into local workout classes I decided to give Pilates a try. Club Pilates offers a free intro class, which it turns out they actually require before actually starting classes there. My initial feeling about this place is that it’s very corporate. Before I even took the class I was getting text messages and emails about the class. I’m the type of person who does not like “sales people” pushing me to make purchases so this kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

The actual class is short it’s only about 30 mins and it covers basic terminology and movements that you will encounter in their regular classes. It was an easy class but it felt like it could be a really good work out. After the class the person working at the front desk came in and talked to us about memberships, another sales push *eye roll*. Unfortunately, Pilates irritated by already existing neck issues so I didn’t end up taking another class. What I did gather from the intro class is that it is a full body workout and it can be modified in many ways.

Don’t be afraid to try something new! We’ve all gotta start somewhere.