Why Giving To Teachers Is So Important

During my usual scroll on Instagram I came across a post by Prosecco and Projects titled, “School supplies needed”. This sweet blogger wrote that she is wanting to feature local teachers to give school supplies to. Most teachers have a list of items that they need to make their school year successful. Now I know what you’re thinking, “why aren’t parents buying this school supplies”? Not all families can afford to buy everything on their kid’s list; so to ensure that these students are still successful and have a well equipped learning environment, teachers are making these purchases. I am going to tell you a couple of reasons why teachers are literal angels and why you should help #clearthelist.

They are teaching the future generation of kids

If you follow me you know that education is extremely important to me, having just wrapped up my undergrad I feel the fresh power of education. Education is the single most important tool in the world. Understanding and knowing allows us to be more objective, be more successful members of society and allows us to learn and grow at any age. Teachers are one of the most important members in our society so setting them up for success to teach our future generations is crucial.

They put what little money they make back into their classroom and kids

We probably all know that teachers get paid shit money which is mind blowing to me! I will never understand this. What most of us probably aren’t so familiar with is the fact that these teachers are using their small salaries to buy supplies and equipment for their classrooms. Not only do they pour their hearts into these kids but their money too. Think of what these teachers are giving up in their personal lives so that their classroom has basic supplies. A family vacation? A date night with their spouse? Or maybe their own self care?

Their success means the success of our kids

How are these teachers supposed to create the best learning environment for kids if they don’t have the means to do so? By skipping your daily latte or even making room in your budget for a donation will help these teachers out tremendously.

I think that we can all agree that these teachers deserve it. They pour their heart and soul into our community’s kids to make sure that they are successful. So I think that we can all come together to make sure that they are successful.

I am featuring Brandi Moon’s list, and I want to encourage you to take a look and grab a couple of things if you’re able. On her list you will find things like crayons, glue sticks, markers and paint, click on her name above to be taken to her list for easy purchasing. These small things go a long ways, if you can’t purchase an item then please spread the word. School is starting soon and I want her to have what she needs.