San Fran Dreamin

Phew! It has been a busy couple of months! A ton of you requested this travel guide sooooo better late than never, here it is!


Nestled in Little Italy you will find The Stinking Rose. Known for the longest garlic garland in the world, they are also famous for their dangerously garlicy dishes! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING including their ice cream has garlic in it. The service is wonderful and the food is delicious! Make sure to pack some gum for after dinner because after eating here you are sure to offend!

Right next door to The Stinking Rose is The Baked Bear, where you can find custom ice cream sandwiches. First, you pick your cookie, then your ice cream and finally, a topping that your ice cream sandwich will be rolled in. Did I mention they will also warm up the cookies for your sandwich! Such a good treat! Work off your dinner and dessert with a walk to the Transamerica Pyramid Building which is in view of these two places.

One of the nights we were in the city we grabbed dinner with friends at Osha, a Thai restaurant in the Embarcadero. The food at Osha is amazing! I ordered drunken noodles and oh boy were they good! Flavorful but not too salty, which I love! On the menu you’ll find, fried rice, noodles, curries, salads, seafood and much more. After dinner take a walk down to the Ferry Building along the water.

Ever been to a speak easy? No? Well if you’re traveling to SF I have the perfect place! It’s called Smuggler’s Cove and not only is it a speak easy but it’s also a tiki bar! From the street this place is completely unmarked, you will only find a bouncer who is checking IDs. Once inside the almost completely dark bar you’ll find you’ve entered into a pirate themed hideaway. The seating is limited so get there early. Their drinks are delicious and strong! This is a must if you’re traveling to the city.

Next for drinks is The Sky Bar. Located in The Hilton Union Square, this bar has the most incredible views of the city. Literally, you can see everything! Again, space is limited so get there early. Also again, this is a must if your going to San Fran, the city at night does not disappoint!

Things To Do

Want a fun, treat filled experience? Then The Museum of Ice Cream is the place for you. The tickets are a bit spendy but I can tell you, it’s totally worth it. To enter the museum you slide down a bright pink slide! The first part of the tour is guided with each room wildly different than the one you just left. The second part of the tour is self guided and the last stop is a huge room with a pool in the middle filled to the brim with giant plastic sprinkles! I honestly couldn’t get my shoes off fast enough! If you have kids, I would 10000% recommend this tour. If you don’t have kids, I encourage you to embrace every bit of this fun filled experience.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a must if you’re traveling to SF (yes it’s touristy but so worth the views), this time we were just too busy and I am so sad about it. There are a couple of ways to make your way across the bridge; by bike, car or by walking. I’ve only ridden a bike across but honestly, I would recommend walking. You can stop more conveniently along the way to take in the views. Bring a light jacket or sweater because it gets real breezy up there!

Another touristy but worth it thing to do is visit Alcatraz. Patrick and I both agree that this is one of our favorite things that we’ve done in SF. Just a short ferry ride away, Alcatraz is full of spooky jail cells, history and incredible views. The best part about these tours and the thing I love most is that you have your own headset which gives you a personal tour. No shuffling around with a slow ass group of people. You work at the pace of the tape and for the most part everyone starts at different times.

Where To Stay

If budget isn’t an issue then I recommend either The Hilton Union Square or The Hilton Financial District. Union Square is close to really good shopping of course, Union Square. Make sure to ask the front desk the best routes to walk because this Hilton borders the Tenderloin which is a really bad part of SF. The Hilton in the Fidi has incredible city views and is close to Coit Tower.

4.2/5 stars $230-$330

If you’re on a budget then The Hayes Valley Inn is a great option! Nestled in Hayes Valley this cute European style hotel is near shops, great restaurants and cute neighborhoods. There are a couple of things I want to mention about this hotel; it is old so there are no elevators. Also, the bathrooms are not located in the rooms, they are shared on each floor. So your bathroom is in the hall and right next to it is your shower room. Honestly, it’s not as bad as it sounds because they keep everything really clean. Another great thing about this place is they offer a full breakfast in the cutest breakfast nook.

4.0/5 stars $115-$230 per night

I love love love this city! I hope this travel guide has been helpful! Enjoy! ♥️