Amazon Prime Day Deals Worth Shopping

Amazon Prime Day is actually going to be two full days this year and it is one of the most anticipated shopping holidays of the summer. Here are some deals that I found that I thought would be worth shopping!

First up, the apple watch! If you’ve been thinking about getting one now is the time. I absolutely LOVE mine and I 100% recommend getting one. Based on what I could find the Apple Watch 3 series is going to be $80 off!! This includes the GPS and cellular versions.

Next, the insanely fun game, What Do You Meme? is rumored to be 50% off! I am most definitely going to take advantage of this deal. I love this game but I have a problem spending $30 on a game but 15 bucks! Heck yeah!

Women’s Levi’s are going to be discounted to up to 40%! I’m hoping to score their mom jeans!

I don’t own a Vitamix but I have heard that they are incredible. Unfortunately, they are a chunk of change to purchase, $359 to be exact. This Prime Day however they will be 35% off! So if you’ve been wanting one, it may be time to pull the trigger.

I love my Roomba and I use it all the time! On Prime Day they are going to be on sale, I wasn’t able to find the exact amount but I think it’s definitely worth checking out. I use mine during the week to keep up on the cat hair; you can turn it on and leave which I love. Once it gets low on battery it automatically returns itself back to its charging dock. You can clean and not even be home!

I’ve had my eye on a Nespresso for quite sometime because I love the idea of a machine that will consolidate all of my coffee making equipment because honestly, I have too much! This amazing machine makes single serve coffee or espresso, this Prime Day it’s going to be 45% off! (originally $188) Such a good deal! I’m hoping that I can convince my hubby that now is the time to buy one!

Happy shopping!!

Apple Watch: