Cheap Date Night Ideas

I have been in a creative rut this past week, which is why I haven’t blogged in a minute! However, with the warm weather something I have been thinking about are summer date nights! Here are a couple inexpensive ways to get some one on one time with your love!

#1 – A movie in the park

Grab some take-out, a couple of cozy blankets and snuggle up to a flick in the park! For my local readers, Northwest Crossing has Munch and Movies. It typically starts in September and runs for a couple of weeks. Oh and did I mention it’s FREE! We look forward to this all year. It’s a perfect summer date night!

#2 – A work out class

A lot of studios offer a free trial class. Patrick and I love breaking a sweat and working on our fitness goals together. We are both super competitive so that makes it extra fun for us. Break a sweat then treat yourself to dinner and dessert, you’ve earned it!

#3 – A picnic dinner in the park

We recently grabbed take out and enjoyed our dinner in the park. This date night is perfect for Friday evenings. Meet straight from work and decompress from the week with some tasty food and fresh air.

#4 – Booze cruise

This is our all time favorite thing to do. You’ll need; booze and go cups. Bring your favorite wine or beer in your go cup and take a little walk. Boozin and cruisin!

Remember to find time for each other! Even if it is a quick meal in the park, a hour of alone time can work magic on a relationship. Be creative!