Trends I’m loving For Spring!

I LOVE scoping out trends that are coming down the shoot in fashion and this spring there are some really good ones! So I thought I would share with you the treasures I found during my research! First stop, accessories!!!

#1 Two words, HANDS FREE! At first I felt like The Rock from the 80’s (Google it) but now I am loving this trend! These cute little side kicks (pun intended) are perfect for parties, they free up your hands so you can hold more drinks!

#2 I love these simple knock off Hermes slides! Don’t get me wrong, I would love to own the real thing but your girl has student loans to pay off so these will have to do! They pair well with anything!

#3 I’ve seen some of these clips and they actually do look like something that was dug out of my great grandma’s things but these grandma clips from Amazon are so cute! I plan to use them to dress up my messy buns for work!

#4 Beachy accessories are coming in hot this spring and I love it! Even if you don’t live near the beach these earrings from Be The Good Collection are perfect for any spring or summer party!

#1 I’m not gonna lie, when I first heard that tie dye was going to be a thing for spring I was like meehhhhh but I have found some really cute pieces. There are so many different color combinations that you could literally dress tie dye with anything!

#2 Every women deserves to feel sexy, I love the slip dress because it is effortless. Sometimes its so hard to get motivated to get dressed up but my mom always says “if you look good, you feel good!” so slip this on for date night or girls night out and start feelin yourself!

#3 I have a friend who is reading this right now and cringing but I LOVE this trend. Bike shorts are basically the summer version of leggings and I just scored a pair that are leopard print! There is no shame in my game, sorry Jeremiah! Pair these with a cropped hoodie and tennis shoes, or dress them up with heels and a blazer!

Belt Bag :


Grandma clips:

Shell earrings:

Tie-dye top:

Slip dress:

Biker shorts: