To college or not to college?

If you’re thinking about going back to school, DO IT! Honestly, you and I both know you can do anything you set your mind to. Learning new things and exploring academically is invaluable! Knowledge is infinite and no one can take it from you! So what are you waiting for? What’s holding you back?

I’m not gonna lie, working full time and doing school full time has been rough. I cut back on doing social activities because I need all the time I can get to do school. At one point my husband and I were both doing full time school and work so we didn’t have a whole lot of time for each other. If you set your mind to it YOU CAN DO IT! Know that these sacrifices are only temporary. Also, I really recommend online courses. I know, I know it’s intimidating but honestly online courses made it possible for me to get a degree without putting my entire life on hold. I’ve almost completed (I graduate in June) a bachelors degree 100% online! No looking for parking and no lectures, which are both huge time savers! You do assignments at your own pace, and a lot of professors let you work ahead which also saves time. You do however have to hold yourself accountable to complete everything on time. It can definitely become overwhelming but the thing about college is that you can work at your own pace. You create the timeline for how long it will take to complete your degree. For me, I set a timeline of two years, I completed the first two years at another college so I wanted to finish my degree ASAP!

I know that student loans can be intimidating but they don’t have to be! The main thing here is to PLAN! Take the tools I gave you in my last post and use them to help you save for college. My husband and I saved up a nice little nest egg and used that to pay off my unsubsidized loans as soon as I entered my second to last term. Unsubsidized loans are the ones that accrue interest whether your loans are deferred or not. Subsidized on the other hand don’t start gaining interest until that 6 month post school window closes. So now we only have my subsidized loans to pay off and we have mapped out a six month plan to do so.

You can do anything you set your mind to! So stop thinking about going back to school and do it! It may take longer than you plan and you may have to save up prior to starting but it will all be worth it! I believe in you!

Knowledge is power ya’ll!