New York, I love you…

Serena van der Woodsen once said, “How can anyone not love New York?” After walking the streets, eating the amazing food and spending time with the people of NYC I found myself asking this same question. I cannot even begin to explain how amazing my time in New York was so I am going to share my favorite restaurants and sites instead!

Esca is an Italian restaurant, the authentic food and the company of the staff is what makes this place amazing. I sat at the small 4 person bar where I was treated to wonderful conversation and Italian lessons. For dinner, I had the Gnocchi di ricotta and let me tell ya, it was life changing! If you’re looking for good, authentic NYC/Italian food then this is the spot! I will definitely be going back!

If you know me then you know that I am a lover of all things cheese! So naturally I found the cutest, cheese filled spot in NYC! Casellula is a small and intimate cafe that offers the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had! The best part about this place is that unlike a lot of places in NYC the kitchen is open until 1 am. It’s the perfect place to grab a late night snack and a glass of wine.

The first stop on my list of places to see is The Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Station. John W. Campbell was a financier who converted this space into his private office and reception hall in 1923. The Gerber Group who now owns the apartment has kept it in its original form. This includes, the beautiful hand painted ceilings, the leaded glass window and the grand stone fireplace. Grab a drink at the bar where Nate and Serena hooked up in Gossip Girl!

Next is Grand Central Station itself. I was almost moved to tears by how beautiful this place is. Of course I had seen it in countless movies but none of them did it justice. The architecture and the ceilings with glimmering constellations are absolutely breathtaking. A little treasure that can be found here is the “whispering arch”. The architecture allows for crystal clear conversation even from across the room. I stood with my face in one corner, my friend stood across the room with her face in another corner and we were able have a conversation as if we were 12 inches apart.

You know I couldn’t go to NYC without seeing Time Square! From my hotel room I could see the glow from the massive lights and couldn’t wait to be right in the middle of it. Walking into Time Square feels like seeing a Christmas tree for the first time. Again, I was speechless with how amazing this spot was. I recommend going late at night if you can to avoid massive crowds! Explore the amazing 3 story H & M or treat yourself to a show on Broadway! Whatever you end up doing I can promise you that you don’t want to miss this stop on the list!

New York City is truly a place unlike any other! Even if you’re not a city person I recommend going at least once! As soon as I arrived home I started planning a trip with my husband. The real treasure of this place is that whoever shows you is passing the experiences onto you so that you can share the magic with someone else. I cannot wait to show my husband the beauty of NYC! and I hope that you go and experience it for yourself.


Gossip Girl…

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