How About A Little Bit Of Grace?

Once during an interview I was asked, “what do you think is one of your weaknesses”? Without having to give it much thought I replied, “I’m too hard on myself”.

Why is it so easy for us to be our own worst critics? Why do we internally say to ourselves, “I’m not doing as good as I could be in school” or “I wish I were a better mother, wife, friend, whatever!” I’m writing this post to remind ya’ll to have grace with yourselves! You’re probably thinking, “yeah okay, easier said than done” and believe me I GET IT! It is not easy to realize that we are actually doing great! For most of us, we are doing the best that we can and that ever so tantalizing image of the perfect student, the perfect wife, or the perfect whatever is blurring oue image of how great we’re actually doing!

My entire first year of my undergrad I was working and going to school full-time and was getting straight A’s. I was stressed out 24/7 and I was getting migraines more and more frequently. Then I got my first B… after the initial shock wore off I finally did a little self reflection and realized that I had been putting my body through a ton of unnecessary stress! Who the hell cares if you get a 4.0?! You’re not putting it on your resume?! You’re still killin it! You’re working and going to school full time, maintaining a marriage and a social life, and working towards a goal.

Now this is not to say that you must balance as many plates as I do to feel proud of yourself. Take this realization that I had in my life and apply it to your own. Are YOU happy and healthy? Good, you’re killin it! Are your kids happy and healthy? Good, you’re killin it! Remember to take it easy on yourself. With that being said I still encourage you to push and challenge yourself but respect your limits and listen to your body. Instead of dwelling on what you aren’t doing look at what you are doing.